We didn’t get close to that. – Josh Gorges

It’s a laid back Josh Gorges that I have met this afternoon in Penticton, where the Habs’ defenseman was visiting the young players registered at the Okanagan Hockey School today . After all, what better to do on a hot Okanagan day but to give some hope to the youth in his own backyard, while cooling off in the local arenas?

I was fortunate to spend a short time with the Canadiens’ defenseman, between autograph signing sessions, going from one to the other. I took advantage to get an update on his knee.

“My knee is great. I’m ready to go”, answered Gorges, a smile on his face.

I informed him of the rumours coming from Team 990 claiming that he was asking around $4 million per season. He laughed it off when hearing those numbers.

“Don’t believe everything you hear or read”, he said. “We didn’t get close to that”.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have more time as yet another autograph session was just ahead.

What’s the moral of this story? Let’s just wait before jumping to conclusions and to make a player a bad guy just because we’ve read or heard a rumour somewhere.

En français: On n’est pas venu près de cette figure. – Josh Gorges

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