Jagr fever hits Montreal

Montreal is desperate for a star player. Can’t blame the fans, most were not born the last time a true star offensive talent suited up for the Habs! When your top offensive player this year finished the season with 57 points and that only once since 1996 have they seen a player put up at least 82 points, it’s not hard to imagine the sense of desperation in Montreal.

This feeling was evident when people rallied outside the Bell Centre in an attempt to convince then GM Bob Gainey to re-sign Alex Kovalev, and it has become even more obvious seeing the way Tomas Plekanec has played with former NHL star Jaromir Jagr at the World Championship this year.

Fans and some media alike are looking beyond reason in order to try to justify why Pierre Gauthier must do everything in his power to sign the 39 year old Jagr. “Well he’d be better than Pouliot, Moen and Kostitsyn” some are claiming.

In three seasons in the KHL, a league just slightly better than the AHL, he has averaged 48 points in 52 games per season, nothing to write to his mother about for a player of his status. In the playoffs, he has a grand total of 20 points in 26 games, which is worse than his regular season’s average.

Taking into consideration that Jagr has never been known to put a constant effort and that he has a reputation of a coach killer, and that he probably wouldn’t recognize his defensive zone if someone showed him a picture, is he really a good fit in Montreal? Do the people hoping, wishing and praying for Gauthier to sign Jagr, know who coaches the Canadiens? Do they know the coach’s expectations, his so-called “system”?

I’ll go on record in saying that Jagr would be a huge disappointment if he were to sign in Montreal and no, he would not be an improvement over what’s already there… especially not if the price tag is too high. He would destroy the team spirit in no time by butting head with Jacques Martin. The dressing room would rapidly be divided and Martin would likely lose his job over it.

Hmmm… Come to think of it, maybe signing Jagr is not that bad of an idea…

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