NHL trade rumour schmoozers

Almost all year around, but mostly at this time of the season, closer to the NHL trade deadline, rumour web sites are very popular. But what is it that draws the crowds to those sites?

Good rumour schmoozers are excellent story tellers, often good writers with a great imagination and they do know what buttons to push and at what time to do it. Few will tell you their “source”, who they know and/or where they get their information from, hiding behind the famous quote by Tom Cruise AKA Maverick, in the movie Top Gun: «I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. »

Oh they take more than their fair share of heat, of abuse, everywhere on the internet and they will remind you when, the odd time, they are right about something as the competition is ferocious between them, who got the scoop first, who’s “legit” and who’s not. And yet, people keep going back to read more, suspended at every word and that, whether it makes sense or not. But why is that?

For true hockey lovers, the NHL trade deadline is, every year, their Christmas. Especially since the new CBA and the introduction of the salary cap, this is the time of year when fans feel that there is the most hope to see their favourite team improve if they’re in a playoffs’ position, or sell their underperformers to build on next year. We would be hard pressed to argue against it as it has been proven year after year that this is the busiest time for trades, along with the Amateur Draft day in June.

So the Eklund, El Cloun and friends, Spector and many others will keep on making hockey fans dream and I, for one, am pleased to follow them as dreaming is one of the only enjoyment that is free in this world. Keep it up folks, as numbers don’t lie. Many who like it, and even some who complain, keep going back for more. Just remain civil towards one another and never ever steal the scoop from another dream maker.

And to the fans, enjoy the ride. Discuss the rumours and not the validity of the source. We’re all big enough to make up our own mind about them.

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