Habs’ rumours compilation – NHL trade deadline 2011

We have been hearing rumours, we have been speculating about their needs, we have played GM from our comfortable seats at home and at work, and we have even suggested trades, throwing around names and finding our own solutions. There are topics all over in the media and on message boards, blogs and other, around the Montreal Canadiens and what Pierre Gauthier is doing (or should be doing).

Here’s a recap of what we’ve heard in the last few weeks everywhere in the media and on the internet, of teams and/or players that were apparently discussed. I’ll save you the aggravation of the sources as it’s not the purpose, knowing full well that some are more legitimate than others. But for the purpose of the exercise, I’ve put them all together. Feel free to add some that I may have missed, but most should be here:



We’ve been hearing for the last few days that the Canadiens had scouts at the Thrashers’ games and that they also had scouts at the Habs’ games lately. While we do know that the two teams will face each other on March 1st, it seems like it is early to start scouting each other while the trade deadline is looming. What players are likely to catch the Canadiens’ interest and who could, at the right price, perhaps be available?



Not the strongest of rumours, but it is possible that the Sabres could try changing things if they keep on sliding further away from a playoff’s spot. Players of interest?



We’ve been hearing for about a year now that those two teams are scouting and talking to each other. In my opinion, we can forget Iginla and Regehr, but what players could serve as trade bait?



We know that they want to do something and many sources say that it will be sooner rather than later. Hemsky is also in the rumours but here are those who the Habs should make a strong push for:



They’ve already made a move but more is expected from Florida. The players who have either been mentioned in trade rumours, some of which with the Canadiens, are:



Has their recent run changed anything? Possibly. But here are the names of those who should have drawn some interest from the Habs before Jacques Lemaire came in and worked his magic with the Devils:



One name keeps coming up, especially since the game against Boston, and it needs no explanation:



Very much into the mix with the Canadiens, especially the two UFA to be, Kovalev and Phillips, although not the most interesting choices on that list:



While not a strong rumour, one name has recently surfaced:



Some say that Burke and Gauthier are talking together a lot lately and here are two name that could be part of those discussions:


But what are exactly the Canadiens’ most pressing needs? Offense? Defense? Size? Grit? Enforcer? It seems like there are a lot of holes to fill in such a short period of time.

If I had my way, I’d do everything in my power to get Penner and Peckham.  My second choice would be Clarkson, with the duo of Neil and Carkner close behind. I also really like the idea of Andrew Ladd and Chris Thorburn from Atlanta. But I would not overpay for a guy like Tomas Kaberle (unless they can sign him before) and I’d stay away from Alex Kovalev.

My prediction? I expect that Chris Phillips and Kovalev will wear the CH…  or maybe Arnott.

We keep hearing that Pierre Gauthier will not wait until the deadline before making a move, so let’s keep an eye open… even in our sleep!

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