More Questionable Decisions By The NHL, Looking Like a Second Degree League

Let me not be judged by my reputation and hearsay, but rather by my actions as words and rumours are easy, but actions speak louder than them. As far as I know, this is no one’s exact quote but rather something that I’ve been preaching for many years. It applies in our day to day life, but even the NHL is giving us a pretty good reminder of it from time to time. With this COVID Cup, or the way the league is making key decisions surrounding it, is yet another reminder of it.

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Game 3 Notes – Habs Come From Behind To Take Commanding Series Lead

Here are a few post-game notes on game 3 between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins, a game in which the Pens surrendered a 3-1 lead to a surging Habs’ team who, let’s admit it, were the better team at 5 on 5.

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Coaching Change: The Time Has Come

If there’s one certainty in professional sports, it’s that coaches will get fired and replaced at some point in time. There’s usually no predetermined timeframe to do so either. When they get hired, coaches know that one day, they will get canned and that, whether it’s their own fault or not. This doesn’t mean that the coach being replaced is a bad coach as many Jack Adams Award winners have been fired at one point or another in their career. It simply means that either the message gets stale, or that the team has taken a different direction.

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Picking Up Their Game After A Win

The Montreal Canadiens, a team that wasn’t supposed to be in the postseason, a team ranked 24th in the NHL standings, caused the biggest upset on this first day of the qualifiers by defeating the powerful Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2 in overtime. The Canadiens weathered the storm in the first period with much help from their Star goaltender Carey Price, who was fantastic, even taking a 2-0 lead over the Pens before Sidney Crosby and the gang rallied to tied the game at two. But that’s before Jeff Petry ended the upset by scoring the game winner at 13:47 of the first overtime period. Petry almost helped ending it at the end of the third period when his shot was deflected by Tomas Tatar right on the post over the shoulder of Pittsburgh’s goaltender Matt Murray.

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Let The COVID-19/20 Cup Begin!

Empty rink with seat covers in the stands, banners of the NHL all over the place, fake fan noises, zero atmosphere and electricity, players and coaches will give everything they have to be crowned winner of the… COVID 19/20 Cup! NHL executives, broadcasters and sponsors are hoping fans will be glued to their TV as they normally would as let’s face it: the only reason why they’re doing this is for… money!

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From Teammates To Rivals, Habs and Pens Stars Set To Battle

There you have it folks, the NHL is back. For many, it’s a very exciting time. For others, it’s a dilemma as summer is a season to spent time outside, doing outdoor activities, even in the evening. Instead, many will be glued to their couches, as they would on a cold winter night. The NHL is happy though, as hotbed hockey markets were added to this COVID-19 Tournament style playoffs, generating more interest (and money) for a product in need. Fans and media are buzzing in places that would otherwise have little interest with their teams eliminated, in markets like New York (Rangers), Minnesota, Chicago and, of course, Montreal.

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